Execute a Will With Our Help

Rely on a probate attorney in Dallas, TX

When someone dies, a probate attorney is needed to execute their final wishes. Whether or not a will or trust has been established, a probate law firm in Dallas, Texas can guide you through the legal process. Let Philip D Collins & Associates, P.C. help you during this tough time.

One of our attorneys can sit with you to discuss your loved one's estate. Then, we can file the paperwork to ensure that the family receives what the deceased wished for them. If individuals want to contest the will, our attorneys can also assist in that area.

Leave the legal proceedings to an experienced attorney. Connect with us today to get started on probating your loved one's will.

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Learn about what we can do for your probate situation

Working with a probate attorney is vital after a loved one passes away. Our attorneys can:

  • File paperwork to probate the will
  • File paperwork to determine heirship
  • Handle the distribution of assets to the proper parties
  • Preparing and Filing the Necessary Paper Work to create an Administration of the Estate, whether Independent or Dependent, with or without will
  • Representing clients in Will Contests
  • Helping resolve disputes or issues over Assets and Will documents between Beneficiaries resulting in Family Agreements
  • Assisting and guiding the Appointed Executor through their obligations under the Estates Code in administering the Estate in making an Inventory of Assets, Paying Taxes and settling Outstanding Debts.
  • Assisting in creating Guardianships where needed for either incompetent adults or minor children.

Hire a probate law firm in Dallas, TX to take care of your probate needs. Reach out today to discuss your situation.