Philip D. Collins of Philip D. Collins & Associates, PC has been helping individuals with Probate proceedings in Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, and Denton Counties for over thirty (30) years. He understands that the administration of an estate is a highly personal and often emotional procedure. This Law Firm has the necessary experience to get you through this process efficiently and economically.

The Law Firm to Trust for Probate Services

We have extensive experience with probate administration, estate law, and ameliorating the stress of grieving families. Schedule a consultation at our office to discuss our probate work.

We bring a comprehensive approach to each client’s probate case. We have experience in:

  • Assisting the Client in assembling the Probate documents and steps required following a loved one’ death

  • Preparing and Filing the Necessary Paper Work to Probate Decedent’s Will

  • Preparing and Filing the Necessary Paper Work to create an Administration of the Estate, whether Independent or Dependent, with or without will

  • Preparing and Filing the Necessary Paper Work to determine Heirship, where necessary

  • Representing clients in Will Contests

  • Helping resolve disputes or issues over Assets and Will documents between Beneficiaries resulting in Family Agreements

  • Assisting and guiding the Appointed Executor through their obligations under the Estates Code in administering the Estate in making an Inventory of Assets, Paying Taxes and settling Outstanding Debts.

  • Assisting in creating Guardianships where needed for either incompetent adults or minor children.

Settle Your Estate with a Trusted Probate Law Firm

We’ve built our reputation on our commitment to excellence when it comes to providing legal services to clients in need of probate. We believe that probate services ought to be handled compassionately and considerately, and that’s exactly what we do. For a law firm with a familiarity with the Texas Estates Code and a caring approach to clients, make us your choice for legal representation.

Contact us today to speak with an attorney who specializes in probate law.