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Running a business in Dallas, Texas often requires leasing an office or retail space. But the language used in commercial leases is often difficult to understand. Philip D Collins & Associates, P.C. will go through your lease with you to help you understand what you're signing. If something seems off, we'll help you negotiate changes and make sure the contract fits your needs.

If you're getting ready to sign a commercial lease, consult a business law attorney today to go over the document.

Why Should You Hire an Attorney?

Going through difficult leases can be challenging. To make the process easier, work with an attorney at Philip D Collins & Associates.

We recommend hiring a business law attorney because they can...

  • Walk you through every step of the process to speed things along
  • Catch problematic clauses or mistakes in your lease
  • Help you understand the legal jargon that comes with commercial leases

Philip D Collins & Associates will walk you through your lease. Schedule an appointment at our firm today by calling.